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More info on Scope & Direction below.

Scope and Direction

First number (speed + glide) indicates the scope of the mold, i.e. a measure of how far it can be thrown. (higher number = greater range)

The second number (turn + fade) indicates the direction of the model:
Below 0 = Rightward/understable (-).
Above 0 = left-hand/overstable (+).

For left-hand: All same but vice versa, i.e. left-hand below zero (-) and right hand above zero (+)

Boss [18 2] specifies Scope 18 and Direction 2.
Boss flight spec is 13 5 -1 3 which gives range 13+5=18 and direction -1+3=2.

Disc Types
PA (Putt&Approach), MD (Midrange), FD (Fairway Driver), DD (Distance Driver).

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